Episode 50: Getting Creative With Content Marketing – Melanie Deziel

From websites and ads to social media, newsletters, and podcasts, content is everywhere and has the potential to be a powerful business driver. But how do you consistently create good, creative content?That’s where Melanie Deziel comes in, a creativity coach and leading voice in content marketing. With clients including Google, Netflix, The New York Times, and others, Melanie joins REAL TIME to share her framework for systemizing creativity, making it easier and faster to generate content that stands out and connects with your audience.Learn more about Melanie and her book The Content Fuel Framework at Davis: Web pages, social…

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Episode 48: Leading and Living With Purpose – Zahra Al-Harazi

A survivor of two civil wars, Zahra Al-Harazi immigrated to Canada in 1996 with her three children and no higher education. Today, she’s one of Canada’s most successful entrepreneurs.On this episode of REAL TIME, Zahra unpacks the turning point in her story, when she defined her sense of purpose, and how it continues to guide her and her businesses. She also shares strategies for defining your own purpose, and how to harmonize your personal and professional values, so you can stay focused, motivated, and fulfilled.Discover Ikigai, the Japanese concept Zahra swears by for inspiring your sense of purpose: more…

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Episode 47: The Nature of Productive Disagreements – Anthony Morgan

Anthony Morgan is an award-winning science communicator. He’s also a PhD researcher and startup founder who’s hosted dozens of TV shows, including the Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet and CBC’s The Nature of Things with Sarika Cullis-Suzuki. He’s the mastermind behind Freestyle Socials, a live, hilarious game designed to “undivide” people by blurring the lines we draw between one another.On this episode of REAL TIME, Anthony shares science-based insight to help REALTORS® become better problem solvers in the face of a disagreement.Watch the experiment Anthony describes as a “magic trick”– Daniel Simons’ selective attention test: TranscriptErin Davis: Working together to…

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