Episode 34: Shaun Cathcart – New Year, New Housing Market?

Erin Davis: Hi there, and welcome to REAL TIME, the podcast for Canadian REALTORS®. I'm your host, Erin Davis. As we move into 2023, we are joined today by Shaun Cathcart, Director and Senior Economist, Housing Data and Market analysis at the Canadian Real Estate Association. On this episode 34, Shaun helps REALTORS® start the new year with a better understanding of Canada's housing market, how it's changed over the last few years, what's driving these changes, and most importantly, what it could look like for you, for me, for all of us in 2023. Well, Happy New Year, Shaun.…

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Episode 33: Dr. Chitra Anand – Inspiring Your Intrapreneurial Spirit

Erin Davis: Welcome to REAL TIME, the podcast for and about REALTORS® presented by CREA, the Canadian Real Estate Association. I'm your host, Erin Davis, and I am so excited to be talking with a woman who is a keynote speaker, a tech exec, and a recent honoree by The Globe and Mail. She's also very passionate and hugely knowledgeable. We're going to talk about business innovation. What is that? Well, on its own, the phrase may feel as amorphous as any other buzzword. With today's guest on REAL TIME, we're going to delve into its meaning and the opportunities…

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Episode 32: Chris Jarvis – This is Your Brain on Volunteering

As part of REALTORS Care® Week 2022, we’re joined by Chris Jarvis, co-founder of Realized Worth. At Realized Worth, Chris designs volunteering strategies to help businesses drive engagement, retention, inclusivity, and stronger relationships with their communities. On Episode 32 of REAL TIME, Chris helps us understand how we can reprogram our brains to feel empathy for groups with whom we don’t identify. By breaking down barriers, and adopting a transformative approach to volunteering, it can help us see the world with a fresh perspective. Episode Resources Realized WorthInvisible PeopleThe RW InstituteThe Brain, Episode 5: Why Do I Need You?

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